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tenebrous LIAR's EP Turn it oN is available to order today

3 tracks... This Ground, Sonny's Theme & Turn it oN

Cassette Box Limited Edition of 30 with download or Download Only

Digital download in MP3 and High Quality Lossless

tenebrous LIAR is the spiralling musical sidearm of renowned pop photographer Steve Gullick (Nirvana, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Spiritualized, Loose Lips Sink Ships)

Following the prolific release of seven critically acclaimed albums in as many years, a period of reflection & reinvention was called for.

tenebrous LIAR headed deep underground & considered what it had been & what it wanted to be.

Four years on from the release of their last album ‘End of the Road’ & five months on from reconvening in a Coventry rehearsal room - refreshed , restructured and hungry, the band return with the long awaited new ep ‘Turn it oN’.

Turn it oN’s three tracks introduce the new dawn of tenebrous LIAR & serve as a taste of what to expect from their next album due to emerge early in 2017.

Track 1 - This Ground - a post sense pop lament for the new clown age... "so so very out of touch, are we really paid to hurt this much?"

Track 2 - Sonny's Theme - a minimal instrumental piano soundscape for the imagined noir movie ‘You - Sonny’.

Track 3 - Turn it oN - a seven and a half minute jazz exploration.

tenebrous LIAR is Steve Gullick (vocals, guitar, piano), Brendan Casey (bass), Ben Edgar (drums).

the Sex Pistols trapped in a swamp
Ballsy and brooding, primordial industrial rhythms and swelling psychedelic feedback
Shellac, Liars and Nirvana at their most bloody-minded and musical
The Quietus
from Birthday Party blues into a thing of thunderous ferocity
Imagine Lift To Experience stuck in the eternal damnation their songs tried to escape from, but with a result more ashcan reality than spiritually vivid.
Drowned in Sound
tenebrous Liar purvey a dark, doomed and deliciously damaged style of cosmic/ambient rock melancholy, which is nevertheless hugely uplifting
Time Out

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Turn it oN